Barco Pirata

From: $1,860.00



In Puerto Vallarta the Pirate Ship carries out an impressive battle between Pirates, it takes place from Monday to Saturday in front of the Malecón of this wonderful Port, where you will see the swords shine in acrobatic fights between pirates, hanging between ropes, bombarding the people with their cannons and exploding the gunpowder under a shower of fireworks, which will make you feel part of this reckless show, sailing aboard an impressive Galleon of more than 700 tons, where you will eat the most delicious dinner in the Port, enjoy the sunset, It will refresh with 4 hours of Open Bar, Party and entertainment to the limit.

Reception at the Maritime Terminal at 5:30 p.m. with 10 quirky pirates that will start an afternoon of shocking fun. Sailing at 6:00 pm. Fun show of pirate leaving moorings to perform fun activities for adults, where the pirates will impose the rhythm under the crazy hymn created for this tour, descending from the top of the ship and reaching the main deck, sliding with ropes far and wide of the galleon, and leaving different parts of it. All the women who are sailing with us will be kidnapped by our pirates, subjecting them to a rhythmic treatment that will leave them ready to enjoy the trip. Activity and fun session for adults

Dinner made with Cordón Blue Breast, and / or our traditional Mar y Tierra (Beef steak and shrimp joined in a delicious basil skewer, bathed in plum sauce) garnished with spaghetti with guajillo and green salad, accompanied by wine red or white. Programmed music and light effects will be waiting for passengers to enjoy the journey with their partner, and let the Pirate captain do his thing. After dinner at dusk, our main attraction “The Pirate Show” begins, where the fearsome captain will provoke an impressive battle against the inhabitants of Puerto Vallarta, who will have cannons placed on the boardwalk and will repel the attack of the furious captain, managing to have as Allied with enemy pirates, who will board the pirate ship in full sail and defeat the daring invader, under a spectacular rain of fireworks and special effects.

This tour ends under the outbreak of party on board, returning to the Maritime Terminal at 11:00 p.m. ADULT / MINOR $ 2,480 Promotion $ 1,860 per person As in the Airport, the Maritime Terminal is considered a Federal Zone so each passenger must pay the corresponding Port Duties. Informing you that currently $ 25.00 pesos are paid per passenger over 11 years old.