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This is one of our most thrilling dolphin swim encounters, in which ocean-loving visitors ages five and up can experience the power of the Pacific Bottlenose firsthand! During this Dolphin Swim Adventure in Vallarta, Mexico, you’ll spend time getting to know and play with our friendly dolphins in a shallow platform before hopping into deeper waters and riding across our crystal clear dolphin pool belly-to-belly with one of these lightning-fast creatures. It’s an unforgettable dolphin encounter for the whole family that is designed to be equally exhilarating for people of different ages and swimming abilities.

Hands-On Fun and Learning

The sweet smiles of our dolphins make learning a treat! As part of this swim adventure, you will spend time learning about the Pacific Bottlenose’s unique anatomy and behaviors from one of our marine mammal experts. You’ll gaze into your dolphin’s eyes, rub their smooth skin, and become so familiar with their quirks that you’ll feel like you’ve made a new friend.

Did you know that dolphins, like people, can have very different personalities? As you play, dance, and swim with a specific dolphin, they’ll be learning about you as much as you’re learning about them!

Get Inspired by Your Swim Adventure with Dolphins

Everyone knows that dolphins are smart, friendly, and fun, but there’s actually a lot that scientists don’t know about these animals yet. What we do know is that we can all help protect them from the impact humans are making on their habitats. Our programs help inspire people to think about how their actions impact the health of our oceans and of the creatures who call them home. When people, in particular children, spend time with dolphins at our dolphin center and during other encounters, they naturally think more about how they can personally help dolphins thrive in the wild and are more likely to support research and conservation initiatives.

Safety Is Our First Priority at the Dolphin Center

We are serious about the safety of both our guests and our dolphins! Our staff has over 30 years of experience in all areas of the marine mammal field. From overseeing the health and welfare of our dolphins to offering dolphin education programs at our marine life center, our team of specialists is working hard to create a greater understanding and appreciation of dolphins and the environment we share.

We are Committed to the Welfare of Our Animals
We strive to treat our dolphins like the intelligent and sensitive creatures they are. For that reason, we limit the length of the Dolphin Swim Adventure and other encounters so our Pacific Bottlenose families spend no more than two hours each day interacting with visitors. They get ample downtime, with plenty of opportunities to play and interact with each other and to simply relax in the stimulating environment we have created for them at our dolphin center in Vallarta, Mexico. They also work with our trainers to ensure they’re getting plenty of enrichment. And because their physical well-being is an important part of their welfare, our dolphins receive regular checkups and enjoy a carefully monitored diet.
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